It is not all about performance.

Let’s talk about participation coaching.

How can we, coaches, effectively and appropriately introduce new players to golf? How do we retain those players in the game?

How do we create appropriate coaching experiences for the junior, beginner and recreational golfer?

How do we attract the new generations to golf? How do we tap into under-represented markets and demographics?

What can we learn from other sports and other countries?

What strategies, initiatives, programmes, offers, skills and approaches do actually work in the world of participation coaching?


This blog is a quest to answer all these questions.

My name is Wojciech Waśniewski, I’m a golf coach based in Poland. I wanted to learn more about participation coaching and found that it’s actually VERY difficult to find quality education in that area, so I decided to share what I learn on my quest with anyone interested. After all, the better we are with beginners, kids, social players etc., the more people play golf, the better off we all are.

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