Accelerating skill acquisition of beginner golfers with Adam Young

Today I’m joined by Adam Young, a world-class coach and a best-selling author of The Practice Manual (which is by far the best golf instruction / practice book I’ve read). I had the pleasure of working with Adam for a few months and he’s had a massive impact on me as a coach. I’m very excited to be able to share his coaching gems with you.

We talk about accelerating skill acquisition of brand new golfers, including an extremely simple “hammer & nail” exercise that Adam has incredible results with, the do’s and don’ts of coaching beginners, complexity of coaching, and much, much more.


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What’s in the podcast?

Here are a few things that we cover:

  • Adam’s first experiences in golf and his transition from a very “technical” player to the unique coach he is today
  • Adam’s first hour with a beginner golfer – his process, exercises, questions he asks
  • Setting expectations, topping the ball on purpose in front of students
  • Drills that can by-pass 10 years of instruction
  • Why beginners are different to elite players in their skill development process
  • Coaching abroad
  • Value of consistency vs technique in beginner golfers
  • Differences between German and South American golfers
  • Using tools that accelerate skill acquisition with beginners vs elite players
  • Importance of context

And much more…

Who’s the guest?

Adam Young is a golf coach and a bestselling author. He has worked at some of the top facilities in England, Scotland, Austria, Spain and the USA, such as the Leadbetter Academies, the Turberry Resort or La Manga Club in Spain. He is now based in Santa Barbara (California, US) running a group coaching programme at Don Parsons‘ golf academy.

He has spent many years researching psychology, nutrition, biology, neuropsychology, evolutionary learning, motor learning theory, and skill acquisition, combining this knowledge with the technical expertise he has acquired in order to improve the way golf is learned and potential is achieved.

His widely read blog is one of the most popular golf blogs on the Internet.


Learn more…

To learn more about Adam, go to his website and excellent blog at or follow him on Twitter.

If for some reason you still haven’t picked up his book, you can get it on Amazon.


Hope you enjoy our conversation!

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