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Creating a junior brand attracting 200+ kids every week – Andy Little

The next guest is another full-time junior coach – how did he get to having over 200 kids at his weekly junior sessions?

Attracting and retaining children in the Little Golfers programme

My guest – Andy Little (@AndyLGolfPro,

I wanted the kids to feel like they were part of something… Realising it or not, we are role models to these kids. They look up to us, and we can influence them a lot on their golf journey… If they look like me because they are wearing those trousers and their polo shirt, it just gives them that extra connection to the sport which obviously ultimately is going to keep them in the sport for longer

Andy Little is the founder of Little Golfers, a highly successful junior programme operating in Surrey (England). Andy spent the last 10 years teaching exclusively kids – in schools, in group sessions and in individual lessons.

In this interview we cover:

  • Little Golfers’ beginnings
  • Coaching in schools and in the club – how his programme is structured
  • Achieving high retention rates
  • An example Little Golfers session and the gear Andy’s using
  • What makes LG successful, what makes a good junior coach and what to learn to become one
  • Renting equipment to other coaches
  • Marketing, branded gear
  • Parents and communication

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