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Winter is upon is!

It’s the best time for us, coaches in the colder parts of Europe, to wind down, learn, catch up with the industry, think about the next season and our businesses.

My personal project for this winter is to dig deep into participation coaching. Unfortunately there is no CPD, no courses, no education that deals with that. Hence it’s on me to find all the relevant information, experiences and people (not that there is a TOP50 Participation Coaches ranking!).

I have told a few people about this little project of mine and received a number of messages from coaches around the world that are, just like myself, interested in answering questions like:

  • what are some of the effective approaches to coaching beginner golfers?
  • what are best practices in junior golf?
  • how do we create appropriate experiences for all golfers – social, young, female, elderly etc.?
  • how can we, coaches, enhance people’s experiences of golf? How can we actually help golf’s numbers?

This blog will show my journey towards answering (or just diving into) those and more questions.

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You can also find a bit more details about the project and myself on the About page.


I was wondering how I could start off the project. I’ve decided to speak to some of my mentors and coaches working in the participation realm to explore this. Then I thought – why not record these conversations and share them with everyone? So I’ve started a PODCAST!

At the moment of launching the website you can listen to the first two episodes (click the names to go to the blog posts and see what we talk about, who the guests are etc.):

  1. Neil Plimmer – co-founder of Junior Golf Alliance and JOLF – expert junior coach
  2. St├ęphane Bachoz – co-founder of FlowMotion Golf – master beginner (and Tour) coach, dedicating his life to growing the game with some incredible results

Give the episodes a listen and let me know what you thought (by email: , in the comments, or on Twitter).



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