Creating a sustainable junior community within a golf club – Paul Aitkens

Paul Aitkens is back – this time not representing the Golf Foundation, but talking about his participation coaching business Enrichment Golf and growing junior membership at golf clubs. Junior Golf membership – the how, who, when and where My guest – Paul Aitkens (@PaulTheGolfPro, @EnrichmentGolf). I want to provide people with not necessarily the groundbreaking […]

Creating a junior brand attracting 200+ kids every week – Andy Little

The next guest is another full-time junior coach – how did he get to having over 200 kids at his weekly junior sessions? Attracting and retaining children in the Little Golfers programme My guest – Andy Little (@AndyLGolfPro, I wanted the kids to feel like they were part of something… Realising it or not, […]

The business of full-time junior coaching – Nevil Perryman-Best

Having spoken to one of the business partners as the very first episode of the Participation Coaching Podcast (Neil Plimmer), here is a follow-up and an update with a new guest! Lessons learned from a new junior coaching business My guest – Nevil Perryman-Best (@NevilPB). Don’t fool for people saying “you can’t make money from […]

Grow the child to grow the game – Kate Tempesta

Onto the second interview in the junior series. This time focusing on the very youngest golfers! Engaging 3-8 year olds through age-appropriate coaching My guest – Kate Tempesta (@PLAYgolfNYC, Kate Tempesta’s Urban Golf Academy). Kate is one of the few golf coaches that focus on the youngest golfers, working mainly with 3-8 year olds. It is not […]