Participation coaching vs performance coaching with Greg Brodie

My guest for the third episode of the podcast is Greg Brodie (@gregbrodiepga). Greg has a really impressive CV and similarly to Stéphane Bachoz (previous guest) he is a full-stack coach – coaching everyone from complete beginners up to tour professionals. Greg has some unique views on golf and the differences between participation and performance coaching, and I’m very happy to be able to share those with all of you today!

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What’s in the podcast?

In the episode, we discuss, among others:

  • Greg’s background
  • what golf can learn from other sports
  • why coaches need a large toolbox of skills
  • the dangers of having extreme views
  • what Greg does with beginner golfers on their first lesson
  • books Greg recommends to parents of juniors in his kids programme
  • differences between participation and performance coaching
  • why he’d recommend young coaches to get into participation coaching
  • injury prevention
  • professionalisation of golf coaching
  • the danger of knowing “a little bit” about a subject
  • his experiences with gaining PGA GB&I Level 4 qualifications
  • need for gathering genuine feedback from beginner golfers
  • future of golf and how we should be selling the game to newcomers

Who’s the guest?

Here is Greg’s bio:

Greg Brodie is a highly educated, award winning golf coach. Gregor is a  graduate of Birmingham University with a Post Graduate Degree in Sports Coaching. Greg has also become one of the very few coaches in the country to earn his ASQ Level 4 Coaching Certificate. He is also the first in the UK to gain the demanding Bull3D Accreditation.
In 2012 Greg was voted into the Top 100 best coaches in GB&I by Golf World magazine.
Greg is involved in the Welsh National Program, he is a County Coach for the Surrey Ladies County Golf Association and coach’s the Surrey Boys County u18’s Squad. Greg is also a coach for Reeds School the 2014 national team champions.
He has an infectious enthusiasm for the game. An ardent student of golf, Greg was awarded the coveted Titleist scholarship when finishing in the UK Top 10 trainees of the year back in 2000.
He spends a great deal travelling the world, spending time with world leaders in junior and player development. He has amassed many qualifications and accumulated hundreds of CPD (continued professional development) points with the PGA.
He is passionate about improving his pupils’ game and bringing them to meet their true potential. An innovative coach who constantly achieves outstanding results, Greg has a great deal of experience having worked with players of all standards. He uses state of the art equipment from Trackman to motion capture analysis equipment and works with a holistic team of sports scientists to achieve truly outstanding results.
Greg has a vast tool box of teaching styles and methods that makes him incredibly versatile, as a result allowing him to cater to the needs of men, women, boys and girls from beginner to elite level and as such works with casual leisure golfers to tour professionals.

  • PGA Class AAT, ASQ Level 4 Advanced Golf Professional
  • PGDip Sports Coaching – Birmingham University
  • Bull3D Certified Instructor – Level 1
  • PDS Qualified Performance Coach
  • Instinctive Golf Practitioner
  • TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Certified Fitness Instructor
  • TPI Junior Level 2 Certified Instructor
  • Diploma in Sports Psychology (Newcastle College)
  • Qualified in Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology with the C.H.E.K. institute
  • Qualified Fitness Instructor with W.A.B.B.A.
  • Diploma in Quantum Coaching (NLP)
  • Trackman Owner and Level 2 practitioner/ 3D Motion Analyst 

Learn more…

To learn more about Greg, check out his website: You can also connect with Greg on Twitter.

Hope you enjoy our conversation!

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