Instinctive, task-led learning of golf with Kendal McWade

So excited to be sharing this episode of the podcast! My guest is Kendal McWade. He’s the founder of Instinctive Golf Coaching, coaching all levels of golfers, from complete beginners to Ryder Cup stars. He’s widely known to be an expert in task-led coaching. I’ve had a chance to take part in one of his seminars while at University, and it was mind-blowing. Kendal is a unique golf coach, in a very good way.

Listen to the episode to learn about Kendal’s journey from being a technical to a skills-focused coach; what is task-led learning; what are some of the wicked tools he’s using in his day-to-day coaching (e.g. GolfHammer, MicroDriver, The Thing…), why he’s using them, and much much more.

I really enjoyed this conversation with Kendal, I’m sure it will be eye-opening to many coaches. Hope you find it valuable!

What’s in the podcast?

In the episode, we discuss, among others:

  • Kendal’s journey from teacher-teller to questioning-guide
  • What he’s learned from Fred Shoemaker
  • Value of clear tasks and task-led learning
  • What do people want when learning golf (it’s not necessarily nice swings)
  • Why learning to walk is different to learning to play golf
  • Using other sports to teach golf
  • His tools of trade: Golf Hammer, MicroDrivers, MidiDrivers, GolfRackets, GolfBoot, The Thing and more…
  • His process of teaching beginner golfers
  • Well-meaning golf dads and the future of golf
  • What can golf learn from golf trick shot guys 
  • Happy Gilmore Pro’s Challenge (article 1, article 2)

And much more!

Who’s Kendal McWade?

Kendal McWade is a Scottish golf professional, founder of Instinctive Golf Coaching, a task-led golf coaching school.

He has coached thousands of golfers of all abilities, from complete beginners to a number of Tour Professionals, including Ryder Cup players. He is also a regional coach for England Golf, working with talented youngsters.

Furthermore, Kendal has run a number of very popular CPD events for golf coaches in the UK and across Europe, often in conjunction with other top class coaches (Steven Orr, Paul Eales), sharing his unique philosophy and practices.

Learn more…

Be on the lookout for “The Instinctive Golfer”, a new website Kendal and Steven Orr are launching soon (I’ll add a link to the website here when it’s live).

In the meantime, you can shoot Kendal an email or listen to his in-depth conversation with Stuart Armstrong (Head of Coaching at Sport England) on the Talent Equation Podcast.

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