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The business of full-time junior coaching – Nevil Perryman-Best

Having spoken to one of the business partners as the very first episode of the Participation Coaching Podcast (Neil Plimmer), here is a follow-up and an update with a new guest!

Lessons learned from a new junior coaching business

My guest – Nevil Perryman-Best (@NevilPB).

Don’t fool for people saying “you can’t make money from junior golf” and that “it’s our way of giving back”. It’s a myth.

Nevil Perryman-Best is the co-founder of Brighton Junior Golf (alongside Neil Plimmer) and the Director of Sales & Consultancy at Junior Golf Alliance (see my review of their e-learning courses).

Things we talk about:

  • Nevil’s background and development as a junior golf coach
  • Creating a learning-conducive environments and managing behaviour
  • Engaging parents and providing playing experiences for families
  • The business of junior golf coaching – scaling, pricing, doing it full-time
  • Lessons learned from starting from scratch in a new area
  • School coaching as a product
  • Development of the Junior Golf Alliance

And much more!

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