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Holistic approach to junior coaching – Oliver Morton

Oliver is a junior and performance golf coach based at Archerfield Performance Centre. We discuss holistic junior coaching as well as Oliver’s background and story.

It’s been a while, but here comes a new episode of the podcast – in truth, it was recorded almost a year ago, but the wisdom included is definitely timeless.

Learning from world-class junior coaches

My guest – Oliver C. Morton (@ChangeTheGame54, The Leading Edge Golf Company).

A good junior coach is someone who really cares about developing an individual, not just a golfer

Oliver is a junior and performance golf coach based at Archerfield Performance Centre.

In the past, he run a successful junior academy at another club in Scotland and spent a year working as GenNXT Golf Academy Director in Scottsdale, Arizona, working with Henry Brunton, Pia Nilsson, Lynn Marriott & Rick Jensen.

Widely educated and with a wide range of experiences under his belt, using all that with a proper dash of passion to develop junior golfers.

Some of the areas we cover in this interview:

  • Oliver’s background and how he chose golf over other sports
  • The meaning of a holistic approach to coaching
  • Oliver’s history in coaching and junior coaching
  • How his junior coaching evolved from TPI, movement/physical-focused to a games-based & skills-focused
  • What his sessions and academy structure look like and why
  • Why children should have input in the design and content of sessions
  • What he learned from his time in the USA
  • Marketing strategies
  • Communicating with parents and resources to share with parents
  • What makes a good junior coach

With a lot of experience both as a coach and through the Foundation, Paul has a good idea on what might and what might not work in junior coaching.

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