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Creating a sustainable junior community within a golf club – Paul Aitkens

Paul Aitkens is back – this time not representing the Golf Foundation, but talking about his participation coaching business Enrichment Golf and growing junior membership at golf clubs.

Junior Golf membership – the how, who, when and where

My guest – Paul Aitkens (@PaulTheGolfPro, @EnrichmentGolf).

I want to provide people with not necessarily the groundbreaking information or stuff that people on tour are working on. I simply want to provide people with the skills and the ability to enjoy the game and to see what social benefits there are to golf.

Paul is the founder of Enrichment Golf and a Regional Development Officer for the Golf Foundation.

His specialty – beginner junior, beginner adult and special needs golf coaching – a model Participation Coach.

A few things we cover in this dense convo:

  • Paul’s coaching background and coaching priorities
  • Enrichment Golf
  • Cashing in on the social side of golf
  • Junior session structure, flexible groupings and using WhatsApp as a communication tool
  • Marketing and selling junior memberships
  • Pricing junior memberships
  • Referring students to other coaches

With a lot of experience both as a coach and through the Foundation, Paul has a good idea on what might and what might not work in junior coaching.

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