Making a difference to people’s lives through golf with Richard Shaw

This conversation goes deep. I have the pleasure of presenting you my chat with Richard Shaw, founder of Community Golf. Richard grows golf for a living. Quite literally – Community Golf’s mission statement is “Making a difference to people’s lives”, and they happen to use golf to fulfill that goal. They bring golf into the community by organising activities in the parks, schools, colleges, community centres etc. (support Community Golf here!). Want to talk about grassroots growth? These ones do it all day every day!

We talk with Rich about Community Golf, promoting and growing golf, job satisfaction, business, non-profits, funding, inclusive coaching, methods of creating new golfers and more! Lots of laughs and some big questions are explored.

Hope you find it valuable! I certainly did.

What’s in the podcast?

In the episode we discuss:

  • Richard’s story (starting from age 2)
  • Changing people’s behaviour
  • Why grassroots work is difficult
  • Importance of environment
  • Community Golf – its history, goals, activities they provide
  • Definitions of success
  • Inclusive / disability coaching
  • Funding
  • Hospitality in golf
  • Lifetime Value (LTV) of a golfer and what to do about it
  • Win-win scenarios between coaches and golf clubs
  • New golf projects and their relation to the traditional game
  • Organising European Urban Golf Cup at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London

Who’s the guest?

Richard is the Director of Community Golf, a Community Interest Company based in London, UK.

Before that he worked as County Development Officer at Surrey Golf (UK), Young Leader at the Golf Foundation and as a member of the Youth Panel (England Golf’s advisory body for youth golf).

He is a PGA of GB&I member.

Check out his golf event for Members of the British Parliament!

Learn more…

To learn more about Rich, go to the Community Golf website, shoot Rich an email, and follow him on Twitter.

Hope you enjoy our chat!

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