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Building the future of the game – Rick Grayson

Get inspired to have an impact on the game and young people’s lives with today’s guest!

The future of golf is in your hands

My guest – Rick Grayson (@RickGraysonGolf,

You could take an adult and ask them who their eighth grade English teacher was, and there is a good chance they wouldn’t remember. But if you ask them who is the person that introduced them to golf, they’ll remember that to the rest of their lives. We are impacting a person’s life forever through the gift of golf.

Rick has over 35 years of experience in growing the game of golf at the grass-roots level.

He is the author of the book Inspire Junior Golf: The Future of The Game is in Your Hands (get in touch with Rick on Twitter, Facebook or through email to buy it).

Things we talk about:

  • Rick’s background and how he got into teaching juniors
  • Raising money and building a 4-hole inclusive, junior-centred golf course
  • Redesigning a Par-3 golf course with junior players in mind
  • Rick’s Junior Golf Foundation
  • Golf in the Schools program – getting golf as part of PE curriculum
  • Girls’ golf program
  • Events for juniors and tracking results of grass roots activities
  • Long term participation in golf
  • Facilities and equipment
  • Rick’s book – Inspire Junior Golf

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