Unique beginner golf methods with Stéphane Bachoz

Here it is! Second episode of the podcast.

Today’s guest – Stéphane Bachoz, co-founder of FlowMotion Golf, coach of every golfer, from complete beginners to European Tour players (Philip Golding among others), dedicated to growing the game of golf through various projects (Triangulaid, Golf Educatif).

A “master” beginner coach, as he achieves outstanding results with brand-new golfers using his unique methods. Have a look to see what I mean:

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What’s in the podcast?

In the episode, we discuss, among others:

  • how Stéphane decided to grow the game of golf full-time after a career in business
  • what’s the difference between coaching a brand-new golfer and a tour player
  • what Stéphane does with a complete beginner
  • why coaches should be happy when their students don’t come back for lessons
  • what walking style have to do with swing style
  • the value of experimentation
  • how to set-up a safe learning environment
  • how to encourage students to not be afraid of failure
  • what is FlowMotion Golf

Also, Stéphane guides me through an eye-opening exercise that shows the differences between the 4 stages of learning (unconscious incompetence, conscious incompetence, conscious competence and the holy grail, conscious competence). Listening the episode is worth just for the exercise alone (it starts around the 31 minute mark).

Who’s the guest?

Here is a quick official bio of Stéphane:

Stéphane has dedicated his Golf life to grow up the Game of Golf. Using his European Tour Coaching experience he co-found « FlowMotion Golf », a complete educational solution around the Triangulaid Concept which was created by Bill Owens in 1991.

Stéphane is very specialized to “liberate” the Natural Swing of every beginner and those who are “stuck” in their progression, in a very short time.

He is a Consultant for Premium Golf Magazine in France and UK and he was Consultant for the LPGA tour on MaChaineSport  TV Channel, from 2010 to 2012.

Stephane worked with Bill Owens since 1995 helping him to develop the “Golf Educatif” Project. Thanks to him, he was able to access the High-Level Coaching on the European Tour.

Since 2011, he is Philip Golding’s Coach, European Tour English professional player. 4 Victories in 4 year since and actually n° 5 on the Senior European Tour. He also coaches Cassandra Kirkland and Carolina Martens on the LET and more recently, Marc Farry.

In 2013, with Nicholas Middleton, he created FlowMotion Golf and offers a complete solution to Professionals Teachers to improve their students quickly and efficiently.

Triangulaid “Full Swing” Master Coach

Zen “Putting” Mechanic Master Coach

Action-Types labelled standard Golf 1

Titleist Performance Institute Certified

Member and Trainer for the PGA France

Speaker at the “2016 ASK WorkShops” for the PGA of Europe

Here is a couple more videos of FlowMotion Golf in action:

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Stef at the PGAs of Europe ASK Workshop conference in Budapest last summer, where he presented his unique methods, the bold Golf Educatif project (more about it in round 2) and the value of “play” in growing the game of golf – you can read his introductory article to the presentation on the PGAs of Europe website. Here is a quote from the article:

Golf has become THE Educational and Environment Tool for tomorrow !

In fact, it’s one of the best ways to teach moral and civic education (like all sports you might say!) although it is not only a sport but also a GAME, filled with values and virtues. This is what makes it accessible to everyone and not just to sportsmen. As a matter of fact, golf is probably “the” game for all sportsmen !

I believe it therefore essential to put the GAME back into our daily lives.

Meeting Stef at the conference was a big inspiration for me to pursue this little project, so it was a no-brainer for me to reach out to Stef to be one of the first guests of the podcast.

Learn more…

To learn more about FlowMotion Golf, check out their website: On the website you can learn about upcoming certification programmes and ways to get involved with the system.

You can connect with Stef on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

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